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About the Project

Vector__Vault is a project that aims to increase the representation of diversity in architecture drawings, one vector at a time. We work towards diversifying architectural visualization by providing free creative commons vectors of underrepresented bodies. Populating architectural drawings with diverse bodies that accurately represent the diversity of our communities has the power to challenge social norms and empower designers to think, and design, differently.

Our content library is constantly growing so check back to see what’s new or contact us to let us know what you’d like to see next!

The vectors available on Vector__Vault are intended for student use. If you have questions about copyright or if you are interested in commercial use, please contact us.

About Us

Brynn Day

Brynn works, writes, facilitates, and creates in the areas of sexuality, diversity, and health equity. She is a queer intersectional feminist with an interest in restorative justice and empathy, and a passion for photography.

Victoria Mantha-Blythe

Vic is a queer witch who believes in the power of community, collaboration, and anarchy. She designs, writes, and creates on the topics of co-living, feminism, and the abject. She believes in architecture as a tool for activism to create social change and is passionate about architectural drawings as a tool for design with a knack for worm’s eye axos. When not in the studio, she can be found baking bread.

Jonathan Collie

Jonathan is an aspiring visual and 
web designer. He advocates for inclusivity through his design work and has an interest in architecture and social good. He is an avid contributor to digital open source and creative commons libraries online.

This website was made possible through a project grant from APIRG (Alberta Public Interest Research Group).

Support Us

Vector_Vault is volunteer-run. All of the work on this project is done out of a passion for social justice initiatives within the architecture field and a strong belief that this content should be free and accessible. If you would like to contribute, some of the ways that you could do that include: donate money (we rely on donations to keep the site running!), trace vectors to help grow the library, or model/pose for us and become a vector! Have other ideas or comments on the site? We'd love to hear from you.

Other Resources

Other resources and projects working towards increasing the diversity and accessibility of architecture.


Kaleidoscope challenges the dominance of gendernormativity, ableism and race-blindness in architectural drawings by diversifying the population of represented peoples in renderings.


Nonscandinavia is a platform for engaging issues of identity and representation in architecture.


JUST NØT THE SAME is a digital catalog comprised of the misrepresented and the under-acknowledged, the otherized populations that are so absent in traditional design imagery.


A growing collection of Latin American drawings.

Design With Colour

Design With Colour is a website that provides resources for Black architecture students.

Elderly Entourage

Elderly Entourage makes an effort to increase the visual representation of older people in architectural imagery.

In the Media

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